3 Interesting Facts about Mechanical Plumbers

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Have you ever needed a plumber only to be asked “what type?” Surely all plumbers perform the same job function. And surely, any plumber can deal with any plumbing issue? Or can they?

Different plumbers have different job functions within the plumbing environment. A mechanical plumber has the primary function of servicing and maintaining plumbing systems for commercial businesses, such as Trade Waste, Hospitals, Food Manufacturers and Chemical Manufacturing.


The 3 Facts You Need To Know About Mechanical Plumbers

Understanding a bit more about the different aspects of plumbing will give you a better idea of who does what when it comes to your building’s plumbing systems.

What is Mechanical Plumbing?

Plumbing can be divided into a couple of separate types namely, residential, commercial and mechanical. Let’s look at what each job function entails so that you’ll know who to call next time you have a plumbing crisis:

  • Residential Plumbers: As the name implies, residential plumbers are responsible for the plumbing issues that occur in your home. Blocked drains, gas issues, leaking toilets and installation of pipes needed for plumbing functions in your home are some of their main responsibilities.
  • Mechanical & Commercial Plumbers: The job function of mechanical and commercial plumbing largely focuses on servicing and maintaining plumbing systems for commercial businesses, such as Trade Waste, Hospitals, Schools, Food Manufacturers and Chemical Manufacturing. Bearing in mind the pipes and drains installed in commercial buildings are of industrial strength and size, it’s understandable that it takes a different kind of plumber to maintain and repair these.


What do Mechanical Plumbers do?

Now that you have a brief definition of mechanical plumbing services, let’s have a look at the scope of their job function.

Some functions of a mechanical plumber include:

  • Fire Service Repairs & Replacement
  • Backflow testing and prevention
  • Gas Fitting
  • Trade Waste Installation & Maintenance, including any work related to mechanical extraction systems.
  • Sewerage & Stormwater Repair
  • Safety Shower and Eyewash Station Testing
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing & Installation (T.M.V)
  • Roofing Repairs
  • General Site Maintenance and Audits


Mechanical Plumbers are on Call

To have the best plumbing maintenance and repairs done when you experience a plumbing related issue, it’s important to contact the right type of expert. Plumbing experts recommend you have your plumbing analysed even if there isn’t an immediate problem. This will ensure potential problems are identified before they turn into a crisis.

Building a relationship with a reputable plumber will prevent you from phoning the wrong people when you’re in a panic. Always have the best plumbing experts on call so you can solve plumbing problems in record time. Banjo Nominees have a reliable 24/7 service to keep your business protected!

Where Do You Find Reliable Mechanical Plumbers?

So, to summarise, if your home’s toilet is blocked or leaking, you need a residential plumber. Plumbing problems at work require a commercial or mechanical plumber depending on your workplace. Make sense?

However, if you’re still not sure exactly what type of plumber you need, call the experts at Banjo Nominees. Listed as one of the top plumbing companies Melbourne has to offer, we are ready to assist with an analysis of all your plumbing requirements. Whether it’s just a regular service or some much-needed repairs, we’re waiting for your call!

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