3 Reasons Why Regular Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Is Important

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When was the last time a commercial plumber was called out to your business or commercial property? If you can’t remember, it’s most likely time to give one a call! Following on from our previous blog about common commercial plumbing problems, in this blog we’re going to discuss why maintaining your commercial plumbing system is crucial. 

Below are 3 reasons why regular commercial plumbing maintenance is important.

Ensures systems run smoothly and prevents future problems

When you have your commercial plumbing regularly maintained you will be ensuring that your systems are all in working order and following the current safety codes and standards. By ensuring these things you will be preventing the occurrence of potential plumbing problems.

Regular plumbing check-ups and preventative maintenance are far cheaper in the long run than waiting for a plumbing issue to occur and having to fork out big bucks to fix the problem. A plumbing problem can also be costly to you, your employees and your customers if you are required to close your commercial premise until it is fixed.


Protect plumbing warranties and guarantees

Depending on the type of systems that your premise is running, having your commercial plumbing systems inspected and maintained regularly could be a necessary requirement for protecting the validity of any plumbing warranties and guarantees. It’s a good idea to check the status of any plumbing warranties and guarantees and ensure all requirements are being fulfilled.


Spot plumbing problems before they begin

As mentioned above, prevention is better than having to find a cure. A Commercial Plumbing Contractor, such as the ones at Banjo Nominees, that regularly inspects your commercial plumbing system will be able to spot plumbing problems before they become unmanageable or even before they begin. They will also provide practical advice, such as the latest water and energy conservation techniques, and suggestions for your systems so that it runs at its best.

A mechanical plumber who is familiar with your building’s plumbing system and conducts regular checks can be incredibly helpful when it’s time to replace, repair, or upgrade your system. They will be able to check previous maintenance and inspection reports and spot whether systems are running correctly and efficiently.

At Banjo Nominees, we understand how important it is for your business’ plumbing to be geared toward your specific needs, and to have the correct fixtures installed. We design Preventative Maintenance Programs specifically suited to your workplace and commercial requirements. Our Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Programs will keep your business functioning at maximum efficiency and prevent costly shutdowns or damage. We can design a Preventative Maintenance and Servicing program that meets your needs, time frames and budget.

We offer preventative maintenance programs on a range of services including, thermostatic mixing valve testing and Backflow Testing. For hygiene purposes and to prevent the contamination of water it is mandatory under legislation to conduct Backflow testing maintenance. Banjo Nominees are mechanical plumbing experts with several decades of experience with the proper testing and maintenance of backflow systems.

There are a number of important reasons why you should conduct regular commercial plumbing maintenance, and this was just 3 of them! If you are searching for Commercial Plumbers in Melbourne, choose Banjo Nominees. With more than 58 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we are recognised as one of the leading industrial and commercial plumbing companies in Melbourne. Get in contact with the Melbourne commercial plumbing service experts at Banjo Nominees today on (03) 9397 1111.