4 Reasons to Call a Mechanical Plumber Today!

If you own a large commercial premise or industrial property then you know how catastrophic a plumbing crisis can be. A plumbing emergency in your home might be easily repaired at an affordable cost. However, a plumbing emergency in your business could result in thousands of dollars of damage.

Therefore, one of the top priorities for any business manager’s maintenance planning should be plumbing maintenance. Routine maintenance by an expert mechanical plumber will prevent those plumbing nightmares everyone dreads, or at least keep problems from escalating.


Routine Maintenance for Your Commercial Building

Whether you manage a hospital, school, restaurant or factory, it’s no secret that a plumbing emergency could cause a serious problem, potentially even resulting in a loss of revenue. Depending on the type of plumbing issue there may even be a risk to the health of customers and employees. So, read on to see why you should call a mechanical plumber for a routine inspection sooner rather than later.


Backflow Testing

One of the most important reasons to call a mechanical plumber has to do with backflow prevention. Backflow happens when the pressure in pipes is reduced, and contaminated water is drawn back into the clean water supply.

When this happens, the water coming out of the taps will be contaminated and can result in serious illness. From a business point of view, contaminated water can result in potential lawsuits against your company.

If you’re wondering how a mechanical plumber will prevent this, the answer is quite simple. A simple backflow prevention testing procedure will identify any burst pipes or other causes that could result in backflow. As per Australian legislation, backflow testing should be completed routinely every 12 months.


Thermostatic Mixing Valves

The condition of your thermostatic mixing valve is equally important. Essentially, a TMV is a valve that combines the hot and cold water in your pipes. This ensures it pours from the taps at a constant temperature.

This constant temperature will ensure that anyone using the tap doesn’t accidentally get scalded by water that is too hot. It’s relevant to all kitchen, canteen and bathroom taps. This regulated temperature also prevents the possibility of the deadly legionella bacteria from growing in hot water.

By law, every hot water tap should have a working TMV installed. Installing this valve isn’t a DIY job and should only be done by a professional like a Banjo Nominees mechanical plumber. The plumber will also advise you of how regularly the TMV needs to be inspected.

Once you have a schedule in place, it will be easy to ensure that the valve and other components are routinely serviced. A regular schedule will ensure that you or your manager don’t forget about necessary service dates.


Maintenance of Water Filters

If you’re running a large business out of your commercial property, you will undoubtedly need drinking water for your employees, customers and visitors. Having a properly fitted backflow prevention device isn’t the only step to ensuring clean water. It’s equally important to regularly change the water filters on your water system. Contaminated water can lead to a whole host of bacteria-borne illnesses. If you’re not entirely sure how your water filtration system works, it’s best to call a mechanical plumber.

An expert won’t simply check your water filters but will also perform an audit of the whole filtration system. They’ll advise you on repairs or replacements needed and if this is done in advance, you’ll have ample time to budget for the expense.


Drain & Sewerage Maintenance

A blocked drain or flooding sewerage system can cause serious damage to your reputation and your property. Unfortunately, drains and sewerage problems are often only given any consideration when they’ve already burst or been blocked.

The last thing you need is a blocked sewerage pipe overflowing into your restaurant or hospital’s main reception area! Don’t wait for the proverbial ‘you know what’ to hit the fan. Schedule an audit of your entire drain and sewerage system, today.

A mechanical plumber can check all pipes, drainage and related systems to ensure there are no potential leaks, cracks or blockages the average property owner won’t notice. A routine inspection will give you enough time to deal with a potential issue before it becomes a larger, costlier problem.


Who are the Best Mechanical Plumbers to Call?

When it’s time to call a mechanical plumber, we’re one of the most trusted mechanical plumbing companies in Melbourne. An expert contractor from Banjo Nominees can resolve all your plumbing challenges quickly and effectively.

We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Avoid a plumbing mishap at your business by arranging a routine maintenance and inspection today! It’s as easy as visiting our website or calling us on 03 9397 1111 to request a QUOTE!