5 common commercial plumbing problems in commercial buildings

Thermostatic mixing in Melbourne.

It’s easy to take the plumbing in your commercial building for granted when it’s working perfectly, but when an issue occurs it can really throw a spanner in the works. Below we’ll outline five common commercial plumbing problems.

Water leakages

Water leaks can occur in many forms in a commercial property, ranging from faucet leaks all the way to roof leaks. Although some leaks may not seem immediately concerning, if left for too long they can cause serious damage to the integrity of the building. Commercial property leaks are often found in the taps, toilets, ceilings, roofs between floors, balconies and basements, but are not limited to these spaces.

Spotting symptoms of a water leak in their early stages is advantageous, as it can prevent further – more serious – damage from occurring. Signs that there may be a water leakage on your commercial property include:

·  Obvious leaks or dripping water (although this might seem common it could be indicative of a larger problem)

·  Roof leaks. A leaky roof can cause significant structural issues and safety risks

·  Moist patches, mould, water spots, rust stains, or discoloured areas on ceilings and walls

·  Paint peeling around skylights or dormer windows

·  A musty odour, particularly in the upper floors

·  Deteriorated indoor air quality

·  Low water pressure.

If you see any of these symptoms you should immediately notify the building owner and call a commercial plumbers Melbourne company.

Water temperature issues

Water temperature plays a detrimental role in the daily routine of many businesses. Most workplaces have a bathroom or kitchen with a working tap that employees use every day to wash their hands, clean dishes and drink from.

The temperature of water that comes out of a tap is regulated by a thermostatic mixing valve (T.M.V). A T.M.V is a regulator that combines hot water with cold water to maintain a constant, safe output of water. If a problem occurs with the regulation of water temperature, then this becomes an occupational safety issue resulting in scalding or thermal shock.

At Banjo Nominees, we provide a range of industrial thermostatic mixing valve testing and maintenance services to keep your workplace safe and protect your business from costly shutdowns and damages. 

Contaminated water

Water contamination can cause serious harm to those working on a commercial property, but also have a ripple effect to others interacting with the business. The use of clean water is required for a number of tasks in the workplace, especially in the food production and hospitality industries.

Contaminated water can be a sign that your property’s backflow prevention device is not sufficiently working. A backflow prevention device allows water travelling through the pipe to only flow in one direction, preventing it from flowing backwards into the main water supply.

Backflow prevention systems require backflow testing every 12 months. Neglecting this responsibility may cause contamination and result in a variety of gastrointestinal illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal cramps.

Faulty fire safety equipment

Although fires may seem like a rare occurrence, it is still mandatory for all businesses to have functioning fire safety equipment. 

Still not sure how this is a plumbing problem? Sprinklers, hydrants, smoke detectors, extinguishers, fire warning systems, and other gas suppression systems require maintenance to ensure that they are working properly when needed. Faulty equipment can be dangerous to your staff, property and surrounding neighbourhood. 

Banjo Nominees have an extensively designed fire maintenance program that follows all safety regulations for your fire service equipment.

Sewerage issues

The odour of sewage is not pleasant in any situation, and on a commercial property it could indicate a serious problem with the sewerage lines.

The presence of a sewage smell often indicates that there is a blockage. Unresolved, a blocked sewer line could lead to health and safety concerns for employees or customers and result in a temporary closure of the property while the issue is fixed.

At Banjo Nominees be believe prevention is always better than a cure, so we offer a comprehensive industrial drain and sewerage cleaning maintenance program tailored to your needs.

At Banjo Nominees, we design Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Programs specifically tailored to your workplace to help you avoid costly shutdowns or damage and keep your business functioning at maximum efficiency. We can design a Preventative Maintenance and Servicing program that meets your requirements, time frames and budget.

If your commercial property is suffering from any of these common commercial plumbing issues call Banjo Nominees on 03 9397 1111 or fill out our online enquiry form.