5 Signs It’s Time For a New Water Heater

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There’s nothing more comforting than a steamy shower at the end of an exhausting day. On the contrary, hoping to find warmth only to discover freezing water can be quite a letdown, wouldn’t you agree?

We often take our water heater for granted, thinking that it’s always going to be there to offer heat when we need it most. However, can you remember the last time you installed a new water heater?

With a lifespan of roughly 10 – 15 years, you may want to keep the following water heater failure signs in mind to determine whether it’s time for a replacement.

1. Your water turns rusty.

What used to be crystal clear water now turns out to be rusty in colour. It’s unnerving and definitely not a top choice for homeowners, thus, it’s definitely time to get a new water heater. Regardless of whether you’re consuming the water or simply washing your hair, it’s always a good idea to stick with clear water for health reasons.

2. The water tastes like metal.

Over time, you may notice your water heater taking a bit of a beating; rusting on the inside. You’ll immediately notice this once you’re able to taste and smell metal in the water due to grit and flakes from your water heater combining with the water. In order to prevent rust, add a magnesium, aluminium, or zinc anode rod.

3. Hot becomes warm.

What used to be steamy water has now become mallow, showing signs of the heating element burning out. Ensure that the temperature is set between 120 to 140 degrees in order to figure out whether the temperature was set too low or if you’re experiencing a water heater problem.

4. There’s a leak.

As the water heater expands due to the heat, tiny fractures may occur over time. This could lead to possible leaks coming from your water heater or fittings – causing water damage to the area where your water heater is placed. In the unfortunate event of finding a leak, call professional commercial plumbing services to replace your water heater as soon as possible.

5. Hearing any rumbling noises?

It’s important to remember that rumbling noises coming from your water heater isn’t normal. It could be due to mineral build-up and interactions between heating elements. This could lead to running out of hot water sooner than expected and a greater possibility of developing leaks due to the added amount of time it takes to heat up the water. Always expect to replace your water heater once your water heater starts ‘speaking’ to you.

Additional sign: Your family has expanded.

Using a small water heater for two people is acceptable. However, once your family starts growing, you may want to think about expanding your water heater in size. On the contrary, you also want to take the amount of time you’re actively using your water heater into account. The more you use it, the shorter the lifespan.

Whether you’ve had the same water heater for longer than a decade or you’re noticing any of the above-mentioned signs you may need a new water heater, keeping up with technology is always a must – enabling you to save on your utility bills whilst ensuring a constant flow of steamy water.

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