Backflow Testing Frequency – What You Need to Know to Stay Compliant in 2023

Backflow testing in Melbourne.

One of the most important, regulated aspects of a commercial property to check on a regular basis is plumbing, specifically backflow. You don’t want backflow problems, because it could mean that your drinking water becomes contaminated, and unfit for consumption. Without regular backflow testing your property may no longer be compliant with regulations.

Keeping Up with 2023 Regulations

Strict compliance to these regulations is essential for your business to retain its operating licence. The new Australian Building Codes Regulations of 2023 state that you need backflow devices for various zones, sites, and individual units of office space. Sometimes you may have more than one backflow prevention device for an entire zone—your plumber will be able to tell you exactly what your property requires.

Why Do You Need a Backflow Prevention Device?

There are several reasons you need a backflow prevention device:

  • To prevent contamination of your drinking water: Backflow is caused by reduced water pressure to your property. At this point, water may flow back into the system, carrying bacteria which could cause illnesses for your customers and staff who are exposed to that water. A backflow prevention device will stop the water from being contaminated.
  • Your company could be liable: You may have legal issues if those who drink your water become ill due to contamination at your site. This could be expensive if you have to cover many medical bills along with legal fees.
  • Insufficient infrastructure: You may have already installed a water filter, but this isn’t enough. It doesn’t provide a sufficient barrier against all the harmful things that a backflow device protects you from.
  • To comply with Victorian legislation: There are strict rules regarding backflow testing and prevention strategies that all businesses must abide by.

How Often is Backflow Testing Required?

In Australia, all commercial properties’ backflow prevention valves are to be tested once a year. Note that this can’t be a simple DIY test, but must be done by a qualified plumber. This is the only way a commercial property can maintain compliance with local backflow regulations.

Why Choose Banjo Nominees to Install and Test your Backflow Prevention Device?

Banjo Nominees is the Williamstown plumber to select when installing, testing and repairing your backflow prevention devices. Our technicians are qualified and extensively trained in all the skills related to backflow prevention devices. We are registered with Master Plumbers and the local water authorities.

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