3 Crucial Signs Your Thermostatic Mixing Valve Needs Attention

Few issues can irritate a homeowner quite as much as stepping into what should be a hot shower only to find icy cold water. Alternatively, opening the basin tap to wash your hands and finding scalding hot water can result in injury, so water temperature is more important than many people realise. Generally, any issues […]

Have You Booked Your Yearly Backflow Prevention Testing Yet?

Running a business or managing a commercial property is hard work. With so many checks and balances to remember, it’s sometimes possible to let a few things fall by the wayside. It’s also difficult to keep track of everything that needs to be tested and inspected, especially if they don’t seem broken. One of the […]

Ensuring Your Safety Shower and Eye Wash Station Are Industry Compliant

If one of your employees are involved in a serious accident while working with hazardous chemicals or substances, they need to get all the help they can get on site. This includes ensuring you install safety showers and eye wash stations. When you’re in the business of dealing with hazardous materials and chemicals, your workplace […]