Facilities Where a TMV is Vital for Maintenance and Safety

There are a variety of safety requirements that should be implemented on just about every commercial property in Australia. One of the crucial features that should be applied and maintained has to do with regulating hot and cold water temperatures. Essentially, a thermostatic mixing valve is a valve that blends hot and cold water to […]

Commonly Asked Questions About the Backflow Prevention Testing Procedure

The necessity of backflow testing and prevention services

Backflow testing is a regular event in commercial and industrial properties and multiple residential properties. You must test your backflow prevention device so that the water remains safe. We answer important questions about the Backflow Prevention Testing Procedure to help you understand the importance of maintaining your plumbing. Do I Need a Backflow Prevention Test? […]

Why Regular Plumbing Maintenance is Important for Healthcare Facilities

Managing a healthcare facility comes with a range of responsibilities and tasks. From administration to building management, your role as a manager is to ensure that the facility is safe for employees, patients, and visitors. All healthcare facilities need to comply with stringent health and safety regulations, and this includes a well-maintained plumbing system. Building […]

What Kind of Contaminants Are Found In Backflowing Water?

Backflowing of water is an important topic to consider for any commercial property owner. For one thing, you’re obligated to use an accredited plumber to test your backflow systems for contaminants. In countries such as Australia, annual testing of backflow valves is mandatory with results being sent to the local water authority board. But why […]

Your Safety Shower and Eyewash Station—5 Key Considerations

It’s crucial to have emergency showers and eyewash stations in place for immediate decontamination if you work with hazardous materials. Deciding where to install your safety shower is crucial because the first 10-15 seconds after chemical exposure is vital in providing adequate medical care. Strategically placing your wash stations and showers could determine the severity […]

What Does a Mechanical Plumber Do?

Sewerage and stormwater repair in Melbourne.

The plumbing trade is quite complex and what works for domestic plumbing is not always applicable to larger systems, resulting in some scenarios requiring the assistance of mechanical plumbers. Generally, mechanical plumbing involves the installation and maintenance of various components in both residential and commercial environments. This means that mechanical plumbers should have a comprehensive […]