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Ensuring Your Safety Shower and Eye Wash Station Are Industry Compliant

If one of your employees are involved in a serious accident while working with hazardous chemicals or substances, they need to get all the help they can get on site. This includes ensuring you install safety showers and eye wash stations. When you’re in the business of dealing with hazardous materials and chemicals, your workplace […]

4 Reasons to Call a Gas Plumber in Melbourne—Advice You CAN’T Ignore

Gas fitting services in Melbourne

Have you ever been unsure at what stage you should call for a professional plumber or gas fitter? Leaving problems with your gas plumbing (and other systems) too long may lead to damage and expenses that could all have been prevented if you had taken earlier action. To know when to employ a gas fitter […]

4 Essential Commercial Plumbing Tips for Your Business this Winter

Fire service repairs in Melbourne

Winter is coming! Are you prepared with proper maintenance plans for your commercial building? You have a lot to take care of on any commercial property, but certain maintenance responsibilities simply can’t take a back seat. Commercial plumbing tasks make up part of this list because, without it, you risk multiple problems and unnecessary expenses. […]

Have You Had Your TMV Tested This Year?

Do you run a childcare centre, school or operate a commercial business that hires staff for any of your operations? Are you aware that thermostatic mixing valve testing is a prerequisite to meeting government regulations? Industrial TMV testing keeps your workplace safe and legal while preventing unnecessary repairs or even worse, a costly shutdown of […]

Prevent Costly Shutdowns with Regular Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

General maintenance audit, Melbourne.

Your business relies on many different components to keep it functioning at its best. This includes ensuring everything operates smoothly at all times. However, does your commercial plumbing system get the attention it needs to prevent any shutdowns from happening? Often, commercial plumbing only gets attention when a valve or pipe bursts and your office […]