Facilities Where a TMV is Vital for Maintenance and Safety

There are a variety of safety requirements that should be implemented on just about every commercial property in Australia. One of the crucial features that should be applied and maintained has to do with regulating hot and cold water temperatures.

Essentially, a thermostatic mixing valve is a valve that blends hot and cold water to produce regulated water. Water that’s too hot can cause scalding while water that’s too cold can cause thermal shock. A little-known fact is that thermal shock from water that’s too cold cause many people to jump back. This in turn may lead to a slipping injury in the shower.

Top Facilities Where a TMV is Essential

Installing and regular testing of a TMV is crucial to ensuring that facilities that use showers or require regular handwashing are safe at all times. With the increased emphasis on hand washing in recent years, more emphasis should be placed on having a fully functional TMV at all times.

Some of the facilities that MUST have a correctly functioning TMV are listed below:

  • Medical centres and hospitals: Injured and recovering patients can experience severe burns if the water is too hot. The levels of these injuries can be worsened if the patient’s mobility is affected and he or she can’t quickly move away from the hot water.
  • Aged care and retirement facilities: Elderly people are also susceptible to suffering third-degree burns when scalding hot water suddenly comes bursting out of a tap or shower. This can also put the senior person at risk of slipping in the shower and suffering more injury.
  • Beauty salons: One of the commercial areas where water is continuously being used is a beauty salon. It’s important to have water at regulated temperatures. There will be no risk of a well-meaning hairstylist accidentally spraying boiling water on your head as he or she prepares to wash your hair!
  • Childcare centres and schools: Children don’t always know to first test the water when they open a tap. That puts them at risk of injury if they suddenly open a tap to full capacity. With a faulty TMV that water can be too hot.
  • Gyms and spas: Any facility that has showers or wash basins open to the public is at risk of causing injury when their TMVs aren’t functioning properly. The high volumes of people that pass through gyms and spas daily can put a lot of people at risk of injury if the TMV isn’t set correctly.
  • Industrial facilities with showers: Some facilities have showers on their premises where employees shower at the end of a workday. Some of these facilities also have showers that are used in the case of a chemical spill. The last thing you want is for an employee to suffer injury twice!

Benefits of TMV Installation and Routine Testing

Over the last few years, TMV installation has become mandatory in commercial buildings. Furthermore, testing of these valves has also become regulated, ensuring a high level of safety in commercial buildings. The top benefits of having a correctly working TMV are highlighted below.

1. Consistent Water Temperature

With a functioning TMV, employees and customers will always be assured of opening any tap and receiving water at a regulated temperature. Facilities such as schools, childcare centres and facilities that take care of the elderly or disabled should never have water temperatures above 45°C.

2. TMVs Boast an Effective Safety Feature

Thermostatic mixing valves can be adjusted and set to regulate the water temperature. With this setting, the supply of water will be cut off if the temperature exceeds that of the setting. This safety feature is ideal for facilities where children and the elderly use the water. These individuals may not be able to adjust the water temperature in a hurry, so best it gets blocked completely to avoid accidental burns.

3. Installation is Simple

The good news is that you won’t have to dig into tiles and walls or disturb the current plumbing to install a TMV. Our commercial plumbing experts can easily install, replace or test your TMV without damaging any existing fixtures or property.

4. TMVs Are Durable

Generally, TMVs are very reliable and don’t need regular replacement. Provided the initial installation was done correctly and regular testing is done, your TMV could last a few years before you need a new one.

Who Can Assist With TMV Installation?

It’s crucial to have TMVs installed in your commercial or residential properties. Our skilled plumbers from Banjo Nominees use years of expertise to ensure that your TMV system is installed correctly. They’re also well versed in current legislation and compliances and will ensure that you have peace of mind that there will be no injury whenever a tap is opened.

Getting your TMV newly installed, replaced or tested is as simple as giving us a call on 03 9397 1111 and requesting a QUOTE. Our team of expert commercial plumbers will do the rest!