Put safety first and use the gas fitter Melbourne businesses can trust.

Banjo Nominees are fully licensed and accredited gas fitters in Melbourne. Our company strives to assist in all your industrial and commercial gas fitting needs.

Our clients trust us because:

  • Our teams use the latest in gas fitting techniques and technology.
  • We guarantee the safest and most cost-effective options for your installations and fittings.
  • Our reputation is based on over 55 years’ experience.
  • Technicians are fully trained to service your specific gas requirements, regardless of the situation.

Call on the gas fitter Melbourne industrial and commercial properties can trust with their gas fitting requirements and all other plumbing requirements.

Possible Gas Safety Risks

During general site maintenance or audit visits, it’s not uncommon for our experts to identify risks related to commercial properties’ gas safety.

Unfortunately, if not attended to, these problems can escalate and have immense consequences.

With poorly installed and badly fitted gas appliances within your commercial or industrial business, you are likely to encounter the following problems:

  • Gas leaks:These occur when you have loose or faulty gas pipelines. Though unburnt gas is not as poisonous as carbon monoxide, gas leaks can still trigger fire and explosions. Banjo Nominees offer the latest gas leak technology to detect leaks, so that you can avoid disasters down the line. Be proactive, so you can have peace of mind your property and people are safe.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning:Carbon monoxide is an odourless and tasteless gas which can silently kill a person without warning. This poisonous gas is usually emitted from cars, air conditioning units, and other appliances. If the pipeworks are not fitted properly, carbon monoxide can leak out. Poorly fitted pipes are hazardous for you and your employees when left untreated, which proves how important preventative maintenance is for commercial properties.
  • Explosions:As mentioned before, gas leaks can trigger fire and explosions. The best way to prevent this from happening is through ensuring you only have well-fitted gas appliances and pipelines on your commercial property.

You only need one team to manage all these concerns more efficiently!

Our experts can identify many of these problems before they result in catastrophes. Let’s help you avoid these dangerous situations. Simply call the professionals at Banjo Nominees so our gas fitters in Melbourne can help with all your gas fitting needs.

Taking action today is a smart, responsible business decision.

Banjo Nominees offers the following range of gas fitting services:

  • Replacements:If your gas appliances and pipelines are beyond repair, we can provide cost-effective, environmentally friendly replacements. When you work with an experienced gas fitter Melbourne businesses can trust, you can have peace of mind they’ll fit the new appliance to ensure a safe place of business.
  • Repairs:Banjo Nominees can fix most gas plumbing issues, so they don’t escalate into immense problems. With the appropriate tweaks and repairs, we can save you a significant amount of money.
  • Alterations/Relocation:Relocating or upgrading? Let our technicians do the gas fitting alterations for you. We can configure your gas appliances and pipelines in accordance with your preferences and gas fitting requirements quickly and efficiently, while ensuring you comply with safety standards.
  • Testing:We provide advanced testing services to guarantee your safety from leaks. This is one of the best preventive ways to detect faulty appliances and pipelines quickly, before big problems arise.
  • Servicing:Our reliable accredited gas plumbers in Melbourne provide prompt servicing solutions. If you suspect gas leaks, you can contact us right away and we will immediately respond to your concern.

When working with Banjo Nominees as gas fitter Melbourne businesses get all they need from one service provider, saving you time, effort and money.

Why choose Banjo Nominees for gas fitting services?

  • Our qualified technicians have the experience to meet your gas fitting requirements.
  • We’ve been putting our clients’ needs first for more than 55 years.
  • You get fully licensed plumbers and an accredited gas fitter Melbourne companies trust to assist in your commercial and industrial gas fitting needs.
  • Our teams use the latest gas fitting techniques and leak tracing technology.
  • We offer safe and cost-effective solutions for your gas installation needs.

Gas Fitting FAQ’s

Gas fitting involves the installation, construction, repair, alteration, replacement, maintenance, testing or commissioning of appliances, pipes or other fittings that require a supply of gas or are downstream of the gas supply point (and other associated works). Only a licensed plumbing professional may perform gas fitting work.

Gas fitting is complex and risky work. Ensuring your gas fittings are safe and working efficiently is important for many reasons, including occupational health and safety. This is why it is imperative that you hire a fully trained and licensed gas fitter to perform any type of gas fitting work or gas plumbing maintenance.

Not all plumbing professionals are licensed to complete gas fitting work. There are different types of plumbers in the industry, so if you hire a gas fitter Melbourne based, ensure they are licensed to perform the type of work you require. Remember: many gas fitters are also plumbing professionals but not all plumbing professionals are gas fitters.

Only plumbers who are correctly licensed to carry out gas fitting can perform these works. You can check if your plumber can conduct gas fitting by asking to see their plumbing license or registration card, which should list the works they are permitted to do.

In short, Type A gas fitting refers to works involving domestic and light commercial appliances, that are mass-produced. You’ll usually find these appliances on residential and commercial sites. Type B gas fitting refers to work involving large commercial and industrial gas appliances. For more information on this, contact us or your local gas fitting authority.

Why choose Banjo

Established since 1958, you can rest assured you are receiving efficient, high-quality levels of service from Banjo Nominees.
We are the top choice for commercial, industrial and mechanical plumbing in Melbourne.

Fast reliable service

Fast Reliable Service

Banjo Nominees is available 24/7 to provide you fast and reliable mechanical plumbing services. We can assure an experienced plumber and an immediate solution; Our commercial plumbing contractors in Melbourne operate with fully equipped vans and are always ready anytime you call for our assistance.

We offer customised plumbing solutions

We offer customised plumbing solutions

Problems in your plumbing systems can vary at times. Our Williamstown plumbers will provide the most appropriate and tailored solution for your specific plumbing needs, giving special consideration to your budget requirements throughout.

We serve a wide range of industries

We serve a wide range of industries

We have an extensive network of clients, ranging from industrial, chemical and petroleum sites to hotels, hospitals, education and training institutions. We also work with government departments, real estate companies and facility management organisations.

More than 58 years of experience in the plumbing industry

On-Site Plumbing Audits & Specialists

Safety is one of our first priorities. Have your safety showers, eye wash stations, backflow devices, thermostatic mixing valves, fire hose reels and hydrants checked and tested on-site by our specialists. We can also advise if you need these items installed on your site.


CSR has been using Banjo Nominees for all of our plumbing needs, for more than 30 years and I can thoroughly recommend them.
They are always punctual and relied upon to come up with solutions to any problem.
John and his team are always receptive to our needs and always conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Ben Gronow - CSR Lightweight Systems Maintenance Supervisor

Our company has been using Banjo Plumbing since 1975. We always found John Patterson reliable, trustworthy and his tradespeople have always completed their tasks professionally, with pride and to our satisfaction.
I am pleased to recommend Banjo Plumbing for maintenance and new plumbing and roofing projects for a cost effective and satisfactory outcome.

Gabor Hilton - Oxford Cold Storage Company Engineering Manager

Banjo Nominees has been engaged by St Vincent’s Hospital (Melb) Ltd Engineering and Infrastructure Department to carry out the different plumbing works. 
Banjo Nominees have been part of the St Vincent’s team of contractors from May 2019 there services are used across both the Fitzroy and St Georges Campus and also our off site Aged Care sites The standard of works to date has been nothing but professional and we continue to utilize their services on a regular basis.

The Engineering & Infrastructure Team - St Vincent’s Hospital

Banjo has been a contractor for SIMS ALUMINIUM for over twenty five years. The company provides a reliable service with high quality workmanship. It conducts itself with unsurpassed integrity and professionalism.
I would have no hesitation what so ever to recommend Banjo for all plumbing installations or repairs.

Michael Lopatecki - Plant Engineer