Gas Fitter Melbourne

Gas fitting services in Melbourne

Gas Fitter Melbourne

Banjo Nominees are fully licensed and accredited gas fitters in Melbourne. Our company strives to assist in all your industrial and commercial gas fitting needs. Using the latest in gas fitting techniques and technology, we guarantee the safest and most cost effective options for your installations and fittings. We have over 55 years experience, and are fully trained to service your specific gas requirements, regardless of the situation.

Possible gas safety risks

With poorly installed and badly fitted gas appliances within your commercial or industrial business, you are likely to encounter the following problems:

  • Gas leaks: These occur when you have loose or faulty gas pipelines. Though unburnt gas is not as poisonous as carbon monoxide, gas leaks can still trigger fire and explosions. Banjo offer the latest gas leak technology to detect leaks, so that you can avoid disasters down the line.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning: Carbon monoxide is an odourless and tasteless gas which can silently kill a person without warning. This poisonous gas is usually emitted from cars, air conditioning units, and other appliances. If the pipeworks are not fitted properly, carbon monoxide can leak out, making poorly fitted pipes a hazard for you and your employees when left untreated.
  • Explosions: As what have mentioned before, gas leaks can trigger fire and explosions. The best way to prevent this from happening is through observing well-fitted gas appliances and pipelines.

To avoid these dangerous situations call the professionals at Banjo Nominees. Our gas fitters in Melbourne can help with all of your gas fitting needs.

Banjo Nominees offers the following range of gas fitting services:

  • Replacements: If your gas appliances and pipelines are beyond repair, we can provide cost-effective, environmentally-friendly replacements. Our experienced gas fitters in Melbourne will fit the new appliance to ensure a safe place of business.
  • Repairs Banjo Nominees can repair most gas plumbing issues. With the appropriate tweaks and repairs, we can save you a significant amount of money.
  • Alterations/Relocation: For relocations and major upgrades, we can do the gas fitting alterations for you. We can configure your gas appliances and pipelines in accordance to your preferences and gas fitting requirements quickly and efficiently.
  • Testing: We provide advanced testing services to guarantee your safety from leaks. This is one of the best preventive ways to detect faulty appliances and pipelines as quickly as possible.
  • Servicing: Our reliable accredited gas plumbers in Melbourne provide prompt servicing solutions. If you suspect gas leaks, you can contact us right away and we will immediately respond to your concern.

Why choose Banjo Nominees for gas fitting services?

  • We have the experience to meet your gas fitting requirements, putting our client’s needs first for more than 55 years.
  • We have fully licensed plumbers and accredited gas fitters in Melbourne to assist in your commercial and industrial gas fitting needs.
  • We use the latest gas fitting techniques and leak tracing technology.
  • We offer safe and cost-effective solutions for your gas installation needs.
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