How Thermostatic Mixing Valves Prevent Injuries

Many people suffer from water-related injuries each year due to non-compliant watering systems such as a faulty thermostatic mixing valve. Scalding from hot water can cause hospitalisation and severe scarring. That’s why it’s important that your thermostatic mixing valve is installed professionally and maintained.

In this article, find out what these mixing valves are, how they prevent injury and why it’s important to have them tested regularly.


What is a Thermostatic Mixing Valve?

A thermostatic mixing valve blends hot water and cold water to ensure safe and constant water outlet temperatures when you shower, bath or wash your hands. The valve helps prevent scalding when you turn your taps on.

When you install a thermostatic device in your watering system it helps you select a desirable water temperature by limiting the release of hot water.


How Thermostatic Mixing Valves Prevent Injury

In Australia, hot water must be kept at 60°C to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria such as Legionella. The bacteria can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. On the other hand, water at 60°C is extremely hot and can cause third-degree burns on the skin. Therefore, hot water that comes through your taps must be 50°C according to Australian Standards.

The way storage water and delivery water are controlled by installing a compliant thermostatic mixing valve. The device will ensure the water is hot enough in the storage tank to eradicate bacteria and at a safe enough temperature when you turn on your tap.


Why it’s Important to Have a Thermostatic Mixing Valve

These mixing valves are especially important for young childcare centres because children are more susceptible to scalding injuries from hot water. They’re also required for hospital water systems as well as organisations that work with chemicals.

Furthermore, any corporate company should ensure that mixing valves are always working to prevent employees from hot water related injuries.

The Australian Standard has put strict compliance laws in place regarding thermostatic mixing valve testing and installation, especially in the workplace. Any organisation must have its mixing valves tested every 12 months to ensure these devices are working properly. An organisation that doesn’t comply with the Australian Standard for thermostatic mixing valves may receive a fine of up to $1 million.

Additionally, a company will be liable to pay for the damages if an employee suffers injuries due to non-compliant thermostatic mixing valves. To prevent these costs and protect people, always ensure your thermostatic mixing valves are working and TMV testing has been completed.


How to Create a Safe Environment on Your Premises

Keep a Record of Test Results

You must always keep a record of your annual test results when a professional inspects your mixing valves. This is because the Australian Standard states that every company must have a record of every annual test. If an accident occurs, your records will serve as proof that you had your thermostatic valves tested every 12 months by a professional plumber.

Know When to Replace Your Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Even if your annual test results show that your thermostatic mixing valve is in excellent working condition, it must be replaced every 5 years. Your testing records will give you an indication of when it’s time to get a new mixing valve installed.

Make Sure You Opt for Professional Services

Always opt for professional services from certified plumbers to install and test your thermostatic mixing valves. Plumbers must be certified according to Australian Government Standards to ensure that installation is done correctly and the device is compliant.


What does a Thermostatic Mixing Valve Test Involve?

The first test is to make sure the thermostatic mixing valve is working correctly. If your mixing valve doesn’t pass the test a professional plumber will do a diagnostic report. This report will determine whether your thermostatic mixing device must be replaced or simply repaired.

Your plumber will repair or replace your thermostatic mixing valve to the highest standard to prevent damage to your water systems.


Commercial Plumbing Solutions You Can Trust

Plumbing is a high-risk job and should never be done by anyone who isn’t certified, especially in a commercial setting where so many people’s lives can be affected. That’s why you should opt for a professional Williamstown plumber that’s able to install your thermostatic mixing valve fast and efficiently.

Our team of experts here at Banjo Nominees will ensure that thermostatic mixing valve inspections and installations don’t take up valuable time whilst getting the job done to the highest standards. Professional plumbers at our facility will ensure your thermostatic mixing valve meets Australian Government Standards to prevent liabilities.

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