We are an experienced and reliable commercial plumbing company providing commercial plumbing services in Melbourne and Geelong. We have been in operation since 1958 and are recognized as one of the leading and most trusted industrial plumbing companies across Melbourne.

We have a long standing client base, varying from Industrial, Chemical and Petroleum sites, through to institutions in the hospitality, medical and training sectors. We also work with government departments, real estate companies and facility management organisations to name a few. Our commercial plumbers in Melbourne are trusted by many. We are your Go-To Melbourne’s commercial & industrial plumbing specialists.

Plumbing Problems That Can Put Your Business At Risk

Often there are severe cases that require immediate assistance from commercial plumbers in Melbourne. If left untreated, these situations may end in you facing a hefty bill for property damages, as well as risk the safety of your employees. Serious plumbing issues that need to be treated immediately and professionally by commercial plumbing companies in Melbourne include:

  • Gas leakages: Gas leaks are difficult to detect, and long-term exposure to gas or unknown chemicals may cause headache, difficulty in breathing, and potential death hence the need for immediate and professional attention.
  • Backflow problems: Is one of the major Melbourne commercial plumbing situations that require urgent attention, issues involving contaminated water can lead to severe health problems.
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing: As a business you have a responsibility to ensure water temperature complies with government regulations.
  • Trade Waste Management: Protect your business by eliminating damage from hazardous waste and harmful chemicals and prevent costly shutdowns.

Specialised Commercial Plumbing Services for All Your Plumbing Needs

At Banjo Nominees, we’re one of the most trusted commercial and industrial plumbers in Melbourne, Altona, Werribee and Geelong. We provide specialised services catering to your every plumbing need.

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We provide comprehensive testing to your backflow valves to ensure that there are no water contamination issues detrimental your business. We have certified backflow technicians to assist you and provide you with efficient backflow prevention programs.

Our industrial plumbing experts can provide specialised TMV services. We have a range of TMV testing and installation services to ensure that your TMV is working effectively and meeting government regulations. This is to protect your business from costly shutdowns and damages.

Our industrial plumbers in Melbourne provide a fire service survey in your area to analyze equipment that needs repair, and provide cohesive solutions to keep your establishment safe from fires.

We can provide a comprehensive industrial drain and sewerage cleaning maintenance program for you.

We have maintenance and repair programs for roof plumbing issues that will save you from potentially costly damages.

One of our featured services is a preventive plumbing maintenance program customised to your specific needs and designed by one of our own industrial plumbers in Melbourne. Commercial plumbing maintenance is essential for any type of property.

Benefits You Will Receive From Our Plumbing Services

With over 55 years industry experience in commercial and industrial plumbing in Melbourne, we have earned the trust of businesses across Melbourne, Werribee, Altona and Geelong. Here are some of the benefits that you will receive from our services:

  • We are available 24/7: We understand the urgency of every plumbing situation. We can be there quickly at any time, even if it is in the middle of the night!
  • We are licensed and accredited: We are long term members of the Master Plumbers Association and are licensed through the Plumbing Industry Commission of Victoria. We know what we are doing, so rest assured that you are in good hands.
  • We are customer-centric: Our customers’ needs are our main priority. That is why we focus on providing the ultimate customer service by devising solutions specifically catered to the situation at hand.
  • We have highly-skilled plumbers: We ensure that all of our plumbers undergo extensive ongoing training. Our team demonstrates nothing short of impeccable professionalism, giving you the assistance and service that you deserve.
  • We offer a wide array of services: Through the years, our industrial plumbers Melbourne experts have mastered a wide range of plumbing services to suit the varying needs of commercial and industrial establishments.
  • We are transparent: Our Invoices are detailed to provide you with a breakdown of labour cost and mechanical parts. Trust us with your commercial plumbing in Melbourne.

Commercial Plumbing FAQs

What is commercial plumbing?

Commercial plumbing services are performed by specialist plumbers who are trained in the installation, repair, modification, and replacement of plumbing systems on commercial properties. Commercial plumbers often work on large commercial properties with complex plumbing systems such as hospitals, retail and shopping centres, education institutions, manufacturing, and aged care.

When you engage a commercial plumber in Melbourne, you can expect them to assess the needs of the job in detail, scope out the requirements of the work, provide solutions suited to your requirements, schedule the job and performing their required commercial plumbing services, including testing, guaranteeing, and commissioning their work to ensure it complies with industry regulations and safety standards.

Banjo nominees operate 24/7 because we understand some plumbing situations require urgent action. We have commercial plumbers Melbourne businesses can contact for emergency call-outs to your commercial property at any time of the day or night.

As with any type of plumbing job, the cost of a commercial plumbing job will depend on the service being provided, the materials and/or appliances required, the complexity of the job, amongst other factors. Emergency plumbers may also incur a higher rate due to the urgency off the job.

Why choose Banjo

Established since 1958, you can rest assured you are receiving efficient, high-quality levels of service from Banjo Nominees.
We are the top choice for commercial, industrial and mechanical plumbing in Melbourne.

Fast reliable service

Fast Reliable Service

Banjo Nominees is available 24/7 to provide you fast and reliable mechanical plumbing services. We can assure an experienced plumber and an immediate solution; Our commercial plumbing contractors in Melbourne operate with fully equipped vans and are always ready anytime you call for our assistance.

We offer customised plumbing solutions

We offer customised plumbing solutions

Problems in your plumbing systems can vary at times. Our Williamstown plumbers will provide the most appropriate and tailored solution for your specific plumbing needs, giving special consideration to your budget requirements throughout.

We serve a wide range of industries

We serve a wide range of industries

We have an extensive network of clients, ranging from industrial, chemical and petroleum sites to hotels, hospitals, education and training institutions. We also work with government departments, real estate companies and facility management organisations.

More than 58 years of experience in the plumbing industry

On-Site Plumbing Audits & Specialists

Safety is one of our first priorities. Have your safety showers, eye wash stations, backflow devices, thermostatic mixing valves, fire hose reels and hydrants checked and tested on-site by our specialists. We can also advise if you need these items installed on your site.


CSR has been using Banjo Nominees for all of our plumbing needs, for more than 30 years and I can thoroughly recommend them.
They are always punctual and relied upon to come up with solutions to any problem.
John and his team are always receptive to our needs and always conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Ben Gronow - CSR Lightweight Systems Maintenance Supervisor

Our company has been using Banjo Plumbing since 1975. We always found John Patterson reliable, trustworthy and his tradespeople have always completed their tasks professionally, with pride and to our satisfaction.
I am pleased to recommend Banjo Plumbing for maintenance and new plumbing and roofing projects for a cost effective and satisfactory outcome.

Gabor Hilton - Oxford Cold Storage Company Engineering Manager

Banjo Nominees has been engaged by St Vincent’s Hospital (Melb) Ltd Engineering and Infrastructure Department to carry out the different plumbing works. 
Banjo Nominees have been part of the St Vincent’s team of contractors from May 2019 there services are used across both the Fitzroy and St Georges Campus and also our off site Aged Care sites The standard of works to date has been nothing but professional and we continue to utilize their services on a regular basis.

The Engineering & Infrastructure Team - St Vincent’s Hospital

Banjo has been a contractor for SIMS ALUMINIUM for over twenty five years. The company provides a reliable service with high quality workmanship. It conducts itself with unsurpassed integrity and professionalism.
I would have no hesitation what so ever to recommend Banjo for all plumbing installations or repairs.

Michael Lopatecki - Plant Engineer