Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing & Installation (T.M.V)

Thermostatic mixing in Melbourne.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing & Installation (T.M.V)

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing & Installation Melbourne

Keep your staff protected by ensuring that your Thermostatic Mixing Valves (T.M.V) work effectively and meet government regulations! At Banjo Nominees, we provide a range of industrial T.M.V testing and maintenance services to keep your workplace safe and protect your business from costly shutdowns and damages.

We have long-standing maintenance contracts with major public hospitals throughout Melbourne, and are certified by Australian Government Standards to carry out the procedures to the highest standard.

Our professional and experienced team provides premium maintenance solutions to guarantee that your T.M.V will comply with industry regulations.

We also provide routine annual testing and servicing to ensure your thermostatic mixing valves meet Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (AS3500).

Our comprehensive service and maintenance programs can be configured to suit any business on any budget. Rest assured knowing your staff is protected and your business can continue to function at its full capability.

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