Types of Commercial Properties That Need a Mechanical Plumber

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Does your business need a mechanical plumber? Who should you call if something goes wrong on your commercial property? It’s important to get the right plumber in to do the right plumbing job.

Plumbers are trained to cover a wide range of plumbing work, but when it comes to your commercial property plumbing needs a mechanical plumber is your guy. With so much that can go wrong on your property, calling in a reliable commercial plumbing company is essential.


When to Call a Mechanical Plumber

Are you still wondering which areas are covered by a commercial plumbing service? The following types of commercial properties will need a mechanical plumber when something goes wrong with their plumbing:

  • Hospitals
  • Aged care
  • Prisons
  • Hotels and other hospitality-related businesses
  • Abattoirs
  • All industrial based operations
  • Chemical and petroleum sites
  • Education and training institutions

However, commercial plumbing is not solely limited to these types of properties and can be needed across a range of areas. Companies managing facilities, real estate companies and any other business’ dealing with large-scale properties will also benefit from calling in a mechanical plumber.

If you’re a commercial business or property owner, you’re not only responsible for ensuring your property functions properly, but you’re also responsible for the health and safety of your employees’ and anyone within the building (patients, customers, visitors, etc.). So, when you’re faced with a commercial plumbing issue, big or small, solve it quickly by calling in a mechanical plumber.


Plumbing Problems That Can go Wrong on a Commercial Property

The type of plumbing required to keep a commercial property fully operational is extensive. Should something go wrong, you could end up facing an expensive bill if it’s not sorted out immediately. You also want to make sure you call in the experts for good workmanship and reliability.

Some of the plumbing issues your commercial property could face are:

  • Backflow problems: This is a serious situation in which the water, because of some issue in the water system, ends up flowing backwards. When this happens, the water system could become contaminated, leading to serious health problems. Backflow prevention is incredibly important for protecting people’s health. Banjo Nominees can provide you with an in-depth backflow prevention device inspection and maintenance report.
  • Gas leakages: With many businesses working off gas pipelines, one of the major problems facing them are gas leaks. If not dealt with immediately, you’re putting your employees and property under huge risk.
  • Trade waste management: Regulations stipulate that the correct trade waste management must be implemented on all commercial properties. When dealing with harmful chemicals and other hazardous waste products, the correct plumbing services will ensure these products are eliminated as safely as possible.
  • Thermostatic mixed valve testing: Maintaining your hot and cold water outlets is essential. Government regulations stipulate what is the safe temperature for hot water outlets. If your hot water temperature exceeds safety levels, you could end up with some serious problems such as scalding of employees and damage to equipment. Thermostatic mixing valves protect users from potential injury.

With these types of plumbing problems, it’s vital the plumbing company you call can handle the problems professionally. They need to be fully equipped to solve any issue and their staff should be fully licensed according to government and local body accreditation regulations.


Final Thoughts

Commercial property owners are responsible for the correct functioning of all parts of their business. And this includes the plumbing system servicing their property. This type of plumbing is intricate so when it goes wrong it needs the right plumber to sort it out.

To sort out all your mechanical plumbing requirements from installation to repairs to maintenance, call Banjo Nominees for reliable and professional services. You can contact us today on 03 9397 1111. We’ll make sure your commercial property plumbing needs are sorted, professionally and efficiently.