What Does a Mechanical Plumber Do?

Sewerage and stormwater repair in Melbourne.

The plumbing trade is quite complex and what works for domestic plumbing is not always applicable to larger systems, resulting in some scenarios requiring the assistance of mechanical plumbers.

Generally, mechanical plumbing involves the installation and maintenance of various components in both residential and commercial environments. This means that mechanical plumbers should have a comprehensive and technical knowledge of pipework systems, building services as well as various legislations.

Here’s a more detailed description of mechanical plumbers.


Clarifying the Role of a Mechanical Plumber

In addition to extensive technical know-how, mechanical plumbers are expected to carry out several physically demanding activities. Mechanical plumbers need to have a detailed theoretical and working knowledge of the following:

  • Cooling systems
  • Ventilating systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating systems
  • Septic tanks
  • Waste disposal units

To get a better understanding of exactly what mechanical plumbers do, we’ve answered a few of the most common questions our customers ask us regarding mechanical plumbers.


Can Mechanical Plumbers do Domestic Plumbing?

In general, mechanical plumbers can work in both residential and commercial environments. The various residential functions a mechanical plumber can perform include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Sanitary and waste disposal units
  • Sinks and drains
  • Showers, baths and their plumbing pipes
  • Water heater systems
  • Appliances linked to your gas line
  • Leak detections
  • Drainage work on your property
  • Foundation leakage caused by rainwater or floods from stormwater drains

Additionally, mechanical plumbers can also perform a host of different commercial plumbing duties. This would include (but is not limited to):

  • Installation, repair and maintenance of heating and cooling systems
  • Repair and maintenance of commercial building heating systems
  • Trade waste installation and maintenance
  • Backflow installation, maintenance and testing
  • TMV installation, maintenance and testing
  • Maintenance of gas lines in commercial kitchens
  • Fire service connected to the plumbing systems
  • Safety shower and eyewash installation & testing
  • Repair and maintenance of medical gas lines in hospitals and medical centres


Do Mechanical Plumbers Install Gas Lines?

Due to the complexity of installing, maintaining, and repairing any type of gas line, this function should always be performed by a certified expert. Aside from the regular installation and maintenance duties, they also need to monitor that work is done according to pre-determined Australian regulations. This is not something that a layman or weekend DIYer might be aware of which is why it’s always crucial to call on an expert.


What Types of Pipework Does a Mechanical Plumber Fix?

Plumbing pipework can be quite complex and mechanical plumbers might choose to specialise in certain aspects of the plumbing system. Some common areas they often specialise in include:

  • Drainage pipes: While drainage pipe systems may seem simple enough, the plumbing that runs from your outside sewer lines to the home’s toilet drain and back into the sewer can result in a major crisis if faulty. Commercial drainage work also operates on a much larger scale. Expert plumbers can keep the system flowing smoothly.
  • Gas lines: This refers to the gas lines installed in piping that connects commercial or household kitchen appliances to the main gas line. This also includes any other appliances that may connect to the property’s gas line.
  • Water pipe systems: These are the pipes, filtration systems and fixtures connected to water tanks that are used for collecting and storing clean drinking water. This can be on residential, commercial or industrial properties.


Do Mechanical Plumbers Work with Drains?

For the most part, mechanical plumbers can perform drainage work if faulty pipes or fittings cause flooding on a residential or commercial property. Stormwater drain damage may also require a mechanical plumber’s expertise.


How to Get in Contact with a Top Mechanical Plumber in Your Area

The experts at Banjo Nominees are eager to assist you with any commercial, industrial or mechanical plumbing needs. Some of the plumbing services on offer from Banjo Nominees are:

  • Backflow testing and prevention
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve testing and installation
  • Fire service repairs and replacement
  • Sewerage and stormwater repair
  • Roofing repairs

Aside from the many services on offer at Banjo Nominees, you benefit from the following when partnering with us:

  • Availability 24/7
  • Over 5 decades of industry experience in all types of plumbing functions
  • Licensed & accredited
  • Customer-centric service
  • Highly-skilled plumbers with an in-depth knowledge of Australian plumbing regulations
  • Transparent and detailed invoicing

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