What is the Purpose of a Safety Shower? — And Other Vital Information ALL Businesses Should Consider

Some laboratories or companies work with hazardous chemicals. If employees don’t handle chemicals with care, accidents can occur. Chemicals can splash on to the skin or in your eyes which will require immediate rinsing. That’s where the safety shower comes in.

When companies need to install safety showers or any form of water system they contact vendors for commercial plumbing Melbourne business owners can trust. For a safety shower you need the correct installation and a location that can be accessed easily, so you need help from the experts.

Today we’ll discuss the purpose of a safety shower and what you should consider when installing one for your business. Then you can contact Banjo Nominees, so a professional can assist you with your safety shower installation. Let us help you optimise safety on site.


What is a Safety Shower?

A safety shower is an emergency washing station that laboratories and some workplaces use in case of chemical spills on the skin. The first 10 to 15 seconds of being exposed to a hazardous substance is critical, especially if it’s an abrasive substance. Therefore, any delays in treatment can cause critical injuries.

Safety showers are there to flush away hazardous chemicals from any part of the body that’s exposed to a harmful substance. Additionally, the emergency shower can be used to put out fires or wash chemicals off of clothing.

It’s important to have safety showers in businesses that deal with hazardous chemicals to prevent injury and to ensure the safety of employees. It’s your responsibility as an employer. The element of safety and security an employee feels can also positively impact productivity. So, this is for everyone’s benefit.


Where Should a Safety Shower Be Installed?

You must install a safety shower in the location where chemicals are being handled. If you have multiple levels or various working areas, then safety showers must be integrated into these locations. Staff must be able to access these safety showers easily so there should be no obstacles in front of the shower.

The safety shower must also be well lit and have signage around the area so that staff know where to go in case of an emergency. If you want to integrate a safety shower in your laboratory, Banjo Nominees has certified commercial plumbers in Melbourne that can assist.


How Often Must You Inspect Your Safety Shower?

Safety showers are inspected to ensure the water from the station is clean and that the system is working properly. It’s compulsory to test all safety showers once a week by turning the taps on to make sure the water flow is working.

A trained official must do extensive testing annually according to the Australian National Standard. If you require safety shower and eyewash testing, Banjo Nominees can assist you.


Final Thoughts

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