Safety Shower and Eyewash Testing

Safety shower and eye testing, Melbourne.

Safety Shower and Eyewash Testing

Don’t get caught out! Not having an operating Safety Shower and Eyewash station can leave you unprepared for a variety of potential workplace disasters.

This could cause serious injury to an employee, and cost you thousands in damages once lawyers start knocking at your door!

As per the Australian National Standard, you must have your safety shower and eyewash tested annually.

Here at Banjo Nominees Pty Ltd, we have over 60 years’ experience in all aspects of commercial plumbing, and as our company specializes in the health and safety of our clients, we have some fantastic and affordable options for both safety showers and eyewash testing.

Your wellbeing is paramount to us, and as with any equipment put in place to keep you safe, it is vital that safety showers and eyewashes are regularly inspected and maintained.

What is a safety shower and eyewash?

Often, facilities such as laboratories have a safety shower and eyewash station. This is for an immediate and critical response when a person or persons are exposed to hazardous or dangerous substances. Not having an eyewash station, or having one that has been under-maintained, can be disastrous in a critical situation. This is beccause they allow the quick removal of contaminates from the eye that could otherwise cause irritation, infection, or in some cases blindness.

Why do safety showers and eyewash equipment require testing, and how frequently is testing required?

To ensure that safety showers and eye wash stations have a clean, potable supply of water and are in correct working order, it is a mandatory requirement that all emergency safety showers and eyewashes are tested. This includes turning on the equipment briefly once a week to test for proper functionality, with testing by a trained maintenance professional required annually by the Australian National Standard.

Who is able to test a safety shower and eyewash?

Weekly testing of your safety shower and eye wash station is able to be conducted by facility staff members. However, the annual testing procedure must be conducted by a certified plumbing technician.

Managing the testing of safety shower and eyewash through Banjo Nominees:

As per safety regulations, all maintenance and testing of your safety shower and eyewash will be carried out in accordance with the device manufacturer’s instructions and requirements.

Here at Banjo Nominees Pty Ltd, we offer comprehensive plumbing maintenance schedules. We will send you a testing reminder every 12 months to ensure you’re up to date with your testing requirements.

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