Commonly Asked Questions About the Backflow Prevention Testing Procedure

The necessity of backflow testing and prevention services

Backflow testing is a regular event in commercial and industrial properties and multiple residential properties. You must test your backflow prevention device so that the water remains safe. We answer important questions about the Backflow Prevention Testing Procedure to help you understand the importance of maintaining your plumbing.

Do I Need a Backflow Prevention Test?

The short answer is yes. If you live or work in a Melbourne-based building that’s not a single-family residence, your building must conduct backflow testing in Melbourne. If you live in a single-family residence, you don’t require the test.

When you live in a complex, or multi-family residence, then the property owners/managers will see to the testing. This is not a DIY task. The manager or association will probably send you advance notification of the test because the water will have to be shut off on the day of the assessment.

How Often Do I Need a Backflow Test?

You will need to test your backflow prevention device once a year, or once every 12 months.

Will My Water be Shut Off When Testing?

Your water is almost certainly going to be shut down on the day of the test. Most backflow prevention devices require your water to be shut off for a short time so that the technicians can carry out the test.

What the test does is create a backflow pressure event, and the only way this can happen is to turn off the water to your backflow prevention device. The process is generally quite quick if there are no problems but plan for 2 or 3 hours without water just in case.

How Long Does the Test Take?

You can’t really predict how long your water will be off for, but most likely it will be off for a few hours. Your plumber will be there for that time period, doing an exhaustive test and completing all the documentation that goes with it. If the plumber finds an issue, it will of course take longer.

Not only that, but your model and make of the backflow prevention device may influence how long it will take. Some devices are just a bit more intricate.

Tip: if you do have a limited amount of time on the day, or something comes up, tell us, and we can reschedule.

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