Prevent Costly Shutdowns with Regular Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

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Your business relies on many different components to keep it functioning at its best. This includes ensuring everything operates smoothly at all times. However, does your commercial plumbing system get the attention it needs to prevent any shutdowns from happening?

Often, commercial plumbing only gets attention when a valve or pipe bursts and your office premises are flooded, right? Or the drains get blocked and you have to close the premises down for a day to repair and fix damages. Can your business really afford to close for a day or two for emergency repairs to take place?

Signing up for a preventative plumbing maintenance program is one of the best ways you can ensure your commercial plumbing system is fully operational at all times. And you’ll be avoiding the unnecessary and costly shutdowns that could result from a plumbing disaster.

Here are some reasons why you should be considering regular maintenance of your commercial property plumbing needs.


Why You Need Routine Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Drain Blockages

Ensuring your employees and visitors have restrooms and sinks that function properly is part of your health and safety responsibility. However, managing how your workers use these fixtures is not easy. Drain blockages can result in flooding, disrupting your day-to-day running of the business. Not only does this present a health hazard, but you could end up paying for costly repair bills if a pipe bursts.

Prevention of Contaminated Water

Testing of the backflow system is mandatory and essential to ensure the water on your premises is not contaminated. Regular inspection of the backflow system means you have peace of mind the water used on your commercial property is hygienic and safe.

Make sure you’re abiding by legislation and book for regular backflow testing and plumbing maintenance. You’ll also be preventing any unnecessary shutdowns by being proactive.

Safe Water Temperature

Whether your workers are using water in the bathrooms or on-site for manufacturing purposes, you need to ensure the water temperature is safe. If it’s too hot you run the risk of your employees being scalded.

Regular maintenance of the thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) means you don’t need to worry about the water temperature every time a tap is turned on. You’re also protected against any injury claims from employees.

Safe Water for Drinking

While regular backflow testing and maintenance prevents your commercial water from being contaminated by pollution and other issues, water filters should also be regularly inspected. Local and government regulations stipulate that water must be safe for drinking and water filters help to keep it clean.

To ensure the drinking water is clean at all times, water filters need to be changed regularly. This keeps the filtration system working optimally while preventing any health risks to your employees. Your business will function smoothly with no employees calling in sick because of unsafe drinking water!

Prevention of Water Damage from Storms

If attention is not paid to your guttering and roofs, your commercial property could end up with some serious water damage. Clogged gutters from leaves and other debris plus a damaged roof can result in your building being flooded during a storm.

Regular cleaning of your building’s gutters and roof help to prevent any blockages during a rainstorm. At the same time, the cleaning team will notice if there are any damages that require immediate repairs, so issues don’t escalate. Save on expensive repair bills by having ongoing roof and gutter inspections.

Dripping Toilets and Taps

An issue that many commercial buildings face. Here are some issues to avoid:

  • Toilets and taps that constantly drip result in high water bills and huge wastage of water. Unfortunately, leaking toilets and taps are a common problem on commercial properties with the number of people using the facilities.
  • Toilet handles can break resulting in incorrect flushing.
  • Rough handling of taps leading to broken washers.

Regular inspections of toilets and taps ensure that faulty toilets and taps are fixed long before the problem starts. This is the value of proper maintenance.


A Final Word: Call in the Commercial Plumbing Experts

Running a business requires more than keeping an eye on the books! You also need to consider the health and safety of your employees and prevent costly shutdowns because of inadequate or faulty plumbing systems.

Give our experts at Banjo Nominees a call on 03 9397 1111 or email us and request a quote for a Preventative Plumbing Maintenance and Servicing program. We can assist in meeting your commercial property’s specific plumbing needs and budget while ensuring your business functions efficiently at all times.