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Learn how to keep the people that you care about safe with gas safety processes and procedures.

4 Reasons to Call a Gas Plumber in Melbourne—Advice You CAN’T Ignore

Gas fitting services in Melbourne

Have you ever been unsure at what stage you should call for a professional plumber or gas fitter? Leaving problems with your gas plumbing (and other systems) too long may lead to damage and expenses that could all have been prevented if you had taken earlier action. To know when to employ a gas fitter […]

What To Do When Experiencing a Gas Leak: 5 Steps

gas leak in house what to do

Keeping warm in the middle of winter or finding a less expensive means for cooking often results in using gas to fulfil those needs. However, as with electricity, gas also poses its own set of risks which can result in a gas leak leading to serious illness often mistaken for flu-like symptoms. Thus, it’s important […]

5 Important Signs Of a Gas Leak On Your Property

signs of a gas leak on your property

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a result of an unnoticed gas leak in your home or place of business – often resulting in serious physical illness and even death. However, it is possible to detect a dangerous gas leak in your property by keeping a few signs in mind – ensuring that it never gets to […]

How To Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: 7 Tips

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Known as the ‘silent killer’, carbon monoxide poisoning is a highly dangerous side effect to breathing in too much carbon monoxide – produced by common household appliances. Most commonly, carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when fuel-burning appliances or heating systems aren’t installed properly, leaving any occupants in the immediate vicinity in danger of developing symptoms […]

Are your gas fittings keeping you safe from gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning?

Gas fittings and gas leak detectors

Are you aware of the silent dangers that may be lurking in your property? You may have heard carbon monoxide referred to as ‘the silent killer.’ (See this article on Wikipedia about carbon monoxide poisoning) This is an apt name, because it is extremely dangerous, but very hard to detect. It cannot be seen. And […]